350 Herbin
Celebrate 350 Years of Herbin with new vintage-style bottles, now available to order from ExaClair.

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Celebrating 350 years of Herbin

Manufactured in the heart of Paris since 1670, Herbin® has been a name recognised for its exceptional quality of inks and waxes which are exported all over the world.

Originally a manufacturer of sealing wax, The Herbin® brand was established by a Mr.  Jacques Herbin in Paris. It is from his travels in India that the founder imported his formula of shellac which allowed him to advance the quality of his seals, in adherence and finesse, and to acquire a professional reputation internationally. In 1798, the company went on to create a line of writing inks.

To celebrate 350 successful years, we have launched a range of limited edition inks and gift sets. These incorporate a collection of vintage wax capped ink bottles, available in the first five colours launched by Herbin®: black (Perle Noire), blue (Bleu Myosotis), red (Rouge Caroubier), green (Vert Réséda) and violet (Violette Pensée).

Our collection of 350th anniversary limited editions include…

10ml Ink Bottle Gift Set

A stylish gift set that features five 10ml ink bottles, suitable for fountain and rollerball pens.

Colours included: black, blue, red, green and violet.

30ml Ink Bottles

Presented in an attractive 350th anniversary box with a mini booklet, these inks are available in a choice of black, blue, red, green and violet. 

A selection of 30 other colours are also available in our standard packaging.

100ml Ink Gift Boxes

These commemorative gift boxes feature a vintage 100ml ink bottle with a waxed cap, plus a china ink pot and booklet.

Available in the first five inks created by Herbin; black, blue, red, green and violet.

500ml Ink Gift Boxes

These special edition, high quality inks are ideal for fountain and rollerball pens. 

Presented in a traditional 500ml bottle with waxed cap and mini booklet, there are five classic colours to choose from; black, blue, red, green and violet.

Herbin 350 Anniversary Bottles

Did you know: 2020 also marks the first centenary of the G. Lalo® brand, which was also founded by Mr Georges Lalo.  Georges had worked within a printing and stamping workshop before fulfilling his dream of starting his own company to supply luxury letters and envelopes. Thanks to its craftsmanship and superior quality, it remains as the French reference in social stationery.

To celebrate this anniversary, a collaboration between G. Lalo® and Season Paper™; a French and Parisian brand, has resulted in a new collection of notepads, notebooks and compendium sets which feature three attractive, Art Deco inspired patterns.

To discover more about Herbin®, G.Lalo® or any of our stationery ranges, contact us today by clicking below:

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