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Clean'Safe® helps stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, eliminating them by more than 99%

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The health of our families, friends and colleagues has become a key issue that covers all aspects of our everyday lives.

Filing and organisation products are handled, touched and shared by many people on a daily basis. On standard surfaces, microbes such as bacteria and viruses stick to the surface and rapidly multiply, causing contamination with each contact.

With this in mind, Clairefontaine and Exacompta have developed the Clean’Safe® range of stationery products. The raw materials used in the manufacturing processes are treated with an organic antimicrobial additive, which gives extra protection against bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi.

The range is environmentally-friendly. Our range of Clean’Safe® filing is FSC®-Certified and our Clean’Safe desk accessories include a 25-year warranty for extra peace of mind.


Treated with an organic antimicrobial active ingredient, the Clean’Safe® notebook cover helps stops the spread of bacteria and viruses, helping eliminate them by more than 99% for the lifetime of the product.

Featuring 100% recyclable materials, Clean’Safe ® notebooks include our outstanding Clairefontaine brushed vellum 90gsm paper.

How it works

The pressboard cover is treated with a quaternary ammonium-based biocide, an organic antimicrobial additive. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and BFR 36 (Paper & Board for food contact) approved, this additive is safe for health, and not bioaccumulative. It is also frequently used in disinfectant gels.

  • Available in A5, A4 and A4+ (extra wide) sizes
  • Detachable micro-perforated pages
  • Premium pages, sustainably milled in Europe
  • A4+ also pre-punched, ready for filing

Line-Ruled Notebooks

Ref: 82566C (A5), 82146C (A4) & 82256C (A4+)

Square-Ruled Notebooks

Ref: 82562C (A5), 82142C (A4) & 82252C (A4+)

Filing Essentials

Ring Binders

  • Rigid board covered with paper. 
  • FSC®-certified. 
  • 40mm spine with label. 30mm rings. 
  • Premium mechanism with opening button. 

Ref: 54222E (2 Rings)   51222E (4 Rings)

Clean Safe Lever Arch File

Lever Arch Files

  • Rigid board covered with paper. 
  • FSC®-certified. 
  • 70mm spine with label. 
  • Prem’Touch mechanism with ergonomic button. 

Ref: 53222E 

Two-Flap Folders

  • Strong 400gsm pressboard. 
  • FSC®-certified. 
  • Flaps keep contents safe and secure. 
  • Printed lines for identifying contents. 
  • Shrinkwrapped in packs of 5 with insert. 

Ref: 33122E 

Document Wallets

  • Strong 400gsm pressboard. 
  • FSC®-certified. 
  • A4/foolscap size. 
  • Shrinkwrapped in packs of 5 with insert. 

Ref: 47222E 

Slip Files

  • Strong 400gsm pressboard. 
  • FSC®-certified. 
  • Open on two sides for easy access. 
  • Printed lines for identifying contents. 
  • Shrinkwrapped in packs of 5 with insert. 

Ref: 48122E 

Multipart Files (12-Part)

  • Strong 400gsm pressboard. 
  • FSC®-certified. 
  • A4/foolscap size. 
  • Shrinkwrapped individually with insert. 

Ref: 57122E 

Three-Flap Folders

  • Strong 400gsm pressboard.
  • FSC®-Certified. 
  • Elastic closure keeps contents secure. 
  • Label on spine to identify contents. 
  • Shrinkwrapped in packs of 5 with insert. 

Ref: 56122E 

Desk Accessories

Exacompta 25 Year Warranty

This selection benefits from Exacompta’s 25-Year warranty

Desk Drawers

  • Drawer set with 5 drawers each 43mm high. 
  • For storage of A4+ documents. 
  • Ideal size for use on a desk top. 
  • Size: (H) 271mm (W) 278mm (D) 347mm. 

Ref: 3097100D


Letter Trays

  • Letter trays for A4+ documents. 
  • Stackable vertically or in steps.
  • Modern ergonomic design 
  • Size: (H) 65mm (W) 255mm (D) 346mm. 

Ref: 123100D 


Magazine Files

  • Designed to hold A4+ documents. 
  • Large storage capacity. 
  • Finger hole for easy handling. 
  • Size: (H) 305mm (W) 82mm (D) 266mm. 

Ref: 182100D 

Pen Pots

  • Modern space saving pen pot for desk essentials. 
  • Design allows for wire to pass underneath
  • Two sections with different heights. 
  • Size: (H) 93mm (W) 74mm (D) 74mm. 

Ref: 677100D

Clean Safe Coronavirus Desk Mat

Desk Mat

  • Anti-static and anti-slip desk mat. 
  • Protects desk from spills and scratches. 
  • Ideal for use with an optical mouse.
  • Size: (H) 385mm (W) 585mm (D)1mm

Ref: 601100D 


The Clean’Safe® range is designed to help keep you and your customers safe.

ExaClair Limited reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Clean’Safe® is a registered trademark of the Exacompta Clairefontaine group. For more details please contact us.

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