The environment has always been a large consideration in the way we operate at ExaClair Limited. Our parent company ensures environmental protection is an integral part of its corporate strategy and has so for over 40 years.

The main points of its environmental policy are:

  • production sites at the leading edge of waste discharge limitation
  • pulp from sustainably managed forests
  • clean and converted energy
  • continuously promoted recycling

The group has also signed Global Compact, which guarantees compliance, not only with environmental criteria such as the protection of biodiversity but also ethical and social issues such as respect for human rights. A range of environmentally-friendly products has also been created: the Forever range provides 100% recycled products from paper and plastic materials. Forever products can be found within both the Exacompta and Clairefontaine brands we provide.


ExaClair is committed to manufacturing and distributing products which are environmentally friendly. Many of our products can be found bearing the following:

PEFC LogoPEFC Program for Endorsement of Forest Certifications – This independent nongovernmental organization has developed a set of criteria to promote sustainable forest management. National forest certifications fulfilling these criteria may be eligible for PEFC recognition. More Info

FSC LogoFSC Forest Stewardship Council – An independent non-governmental organization that has developed a certification system for environmentally, socially and economically sound forest management. The FSC mark can be found on many products provided by ExaClair. More Info

The Blue Angel – Label attributed to products that bear little damage to the environment. The paper is the first step in shaping the composition, method of manufacture and shaping. Only papers manufactured 100% with post-consumer waste paper are certified. More Info

For more information on our labels and standards contact our customer care team.