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Avenue Mandarine® is a French brand of fun and educational games. Products under this name are intended for children aged between 2 and 10 years, both boys and girls, but also their parents! Avenue Mandarine® products are all about colourful objects, discovery, games, senses and the small details that make all the difference.

Traditional activities including colouring, papercraft, jigsaws and painting are made easily accessible with the addition of illustrated characters. The Avenue Mandarine product portfolio can be integrated with Maildor and Décopatch products for a comprehensive craft and activity selection.

Product Ranges

From the very first puzzle, to a our 3D jigsaws (2-6+)

Games to improve memory, problem-solving and dexterity (2-6+)

Fun for all the family (3-99+)

Popular drawing books for all ages (3-99+)

Wide variety of kits and boxes to suit all abilities (3-99+)

Party activities (6+) and invitations

Sew, stitch and thread for ages (6-99+)

Dolls to make your own, who will you choose? (6+)

Make your mark with inks (4-99+)

To add an illustrated spark to your creations (5+)

As close to the real thing for children (5+)

Sparkly and shiny for crafty activities (4-99+)

For a professional finish on drawings and paintings (3-99+)

For a professional finish on drawings and paintings (3+)

Brushes, sponges and rollers (4-99+)

Origami and paper pattern packs (5-99+)

Diaries and design ranges (10+)