Quality calligraphy products for nearly two centuries

Brause is our brand for calligraphers and letterers of all expertise levels and ages.

Brause was founded in Iserlohn, found in the Westphalia region of Germany, in 1830. Its handcrafted nibs are considered amongst the best by calligraphers around the world. Brause products are suitable for every style of writing, drawing, calligraphy and decorative art, for both amateur and professional practice. 

A selection of practice pads have been produced to help beginners learn the art of calligraphy. For best effect, Brause should be retailed with Herbin inks and G.Lalo correspondence papers.

Brause is also ideal for artists who want to experiment with Brush Lettering.

New for 2021: Discover the art of Linocut with the Linol line of tools and sets.



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