Stick to it!

Maildor, founded in 1932, offers a range of creative stickers and adhesives for children.
The range is offered in packaging adapted to their target group: hanging pouches for retailers or thicker packs for school and community suppliers.

A wide variety of designs available for wholesale at affordable prices means users will have a lot of fun collecting them all! These items can be combined with Avenue Mandarine products such as creative boxes and games.

Quality, design and certification are three values at the heart of the brand’s product development. Maildor offers impulse buying products at affordable prices to stimulate sales throughout the year thanks to merchandising solutions and a varied range of displays.

New for 2021: Discover an updated selection of stickers for all ages.

Sticker Highlights

Large-size stickers for ages 2+

Maildor Book Stick

Sticker books ideal for rainy days and group activities – NEW

Extensive range of epoxy 3D stickers – over 100 themes

Maildor Decoraty

Removable stickers to place on paintings and drawings

Maildor Dreamy

Sweet, magical designs with characters and decorations

Maildor Glitty

Glittery stickers with a colourful twinkle

Stickers with holographic or metallic effects

Figurative, educational stickers


3D stickers with glitter or golden finishes

Repositionable stickers that glow in the dark!

Hide a secret message underneath, scratch to reveal!

Maildor Sticky

Large kiss cut stickers cartoon stickers

Felt pre-cut stickers for first stimulation of the senses

Impulse Highlights

Objects ready to decorate and paint

Easy to use, acid-free adhesive products

Colourful paper clips in novelty themed shapes

Sticky notes and sticky bookmarks

Maildor stamps

Convey messages in a fun style. Ideal for parents/teachers