Traditional French correspondence

G.Lalo was founded in Paris in 1919. Today, as ever, it remains the French reference in social stationery thanks to its craftsmanship and superior quality. G.Lalo is a brand of fine correspondence products, specialising in envelopes.

A young creative man, full of ambition, Georges Lalo began as an employee of a printing and stamping workshop. His dream however was to come to Paris and to found his own company. This was done in July 1919 when he began renting premises on the bank of the River Richer, in the French capital. This is how G. Lalo, a luxury letter and envelope manufacturer was born.

G.Lalo social stationery is a perfect match for Herbin and Brause-branded products

New for 2020

  • An exclusive collaboration with Seasons Paper has produced a new Anniversary correspondence collection
  • New designs for our fantasy greetings cards
  • All G.Lalo products are now available to order from the EX01 warehouse for easy ordering.

(featuring complementary Brause, Herbin and Jacques Herbin products)

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