Keeping it simple.

Go back to basics wth a range of value notebooks, notepads and protectors by Calligraphe. The origins of the brand began as far back as 1899, during which Le Calligraphe was trademarked and notebooks/paper sheets started to be produced and sold in Alsace, France. 

From the early 20th century, the reputation of Calligraphe crossed regional boundaries through the quality of its products. Millions of French children in cities and overseas territories learned to write with these books, as evidenced by this quote from Sidonie Colette’s 1936 book “Mes Apprentissages” (My Learning) “…my school books, with their laid sheets, grey lines and red margins, their covers and imprint decorated with Le Calligraphe“.

Today, as yesterday, school and office notepads branded Calligraphe are the entry level of Clairefontaine products all around the world.

Calligraphe products are found at the rear of our C01 catalogue.