By entering the competition in this weekend’s The Times newspaper, you are eligible to win a fantastic package to help you get those grades you desire. This bundle prize has all you need and more to succeed with your end of year exams. It includes ring binders, revision cards, presentation binders and a wall planner from Exacompta® along with Koverbook®, the innovative lined notebooks with filing flaps from Clairefontaine®. Here’s what you could win!

Exacompta Ringbinder for record cards with dividers
Exacompta Pack of 100 Lined Record Cards (12.5x20cm) Assorted Colours
Exacompta Pack of 100 Lined Record Cards (125X200 mm), White
Exacompta Pack of 100 Squared Record Cards (125X200 mm), White
Exacompta Serodo Presentation Set
Exacompta Pack of 100 A4 Presentation Folders
Exacompta Pack of 100 A4 Presentation Covers 
Exacompta Boxes of 25 Black Slide Binders (3mm & 6mm)
Exacompta Guildhall Essentials A5 To Do List
Exacompta ExaPlanner Magnetic Wall To Do List
Exacompta Exactive Tablet/Laptop Case
Exacompta ‘1928’ Range Ring binders
Exacompta ‘1928’ Filing Boxes
Exacompta Campus Metal Conference Folder
Clairefontaine A4 Koverbook, lined
Clairefontaine Transparent round pencil case 

Clairefontaine® has been providing notebooks and paper to students for over 160 years. On the other side of the Channel in France, their exercise books can be found in nearly every classroom and lecture hall. Their extensive fine art range includes everything you need for creative studies, whether you use pencil, pastels or paints.


Exacompta® is a manufacturer of stationery essentials, designed to help you organise for success! Based in Paris for over 90 years, they will provide everything you need to keep your coursework and dissertations safe including document wallets, presentation folders and desktop accessories.