For the over 160 years, Exacompta Clairefontaine have used only the finest materials to ensure stylish and long-lasting products, perfect for school, college and university. Treat your children with bright, colourful and high-quality notebooks, ring binders and lever arch files for the 2018-19 academic year. Stationery has always been a talking point for students! Did you know…

Taking down notes on a pad during lessons help students to learn better and retain information for longer

Clairefontaine are known for making the world’s best paper!

Exacompta is renowned for its product quality and environment credentials

Paper is nearly 2,000 years old and can be folded up to 13 times

It is said, using colourful stationery helps uplifting mood and self-esteem.

This year is full of potential, but for the best success students need to prepare. We’ve teamed up with the below three retailers who offer all the Exacompta nad Clairefontaine products you need for the next term.

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