Two of our super-determined ExaClair employees recently went the extra mile by participating in the London Marathon. We asked our new medal winners a few questions…

Rachel Fleming, Sales Administrator

Which charity did you run for?  I was lucky to get a ballot place (on my first year of trying) so decided to do it for charity. As it is a cause that has touched everyone at some point I ran for Cancer Research.

What was your motivation for running the race? The London Marathon has always been something I wanted to do, I enjoy running and was always inspired whilst watching it at home so last year decided to enter. I have done 5K, 10K and a half marathon previously for charity so a marathon was the next natural step. The training was tough, a big commitment for 16 weeks.

How was the marathon experience? I loved it! The crowd support and atmosphere on the day is something else. I both laughed and I cried. I will definitely do it again.

How much was raised? I’ve raised £800 so far…

Jason Hawes, Head of Logistics

What was your motivation for running the race? Running is something I just love doing, it has become my main hobby! It’s also a great way to de-stress and keep fit at the same time.

How was your training? I have only been running for a couple of years starting with Parkrun, moving on to 10k, half marathon and now the full marathon distance. Surprisingly I found the training for the London Marathon more challenging than the the race itself. To be able to consistently run three or four times per week over a sixteen week training period is tough mentally and physically.

How was the marathon experience? I loved every single part of the day, everything from travelling down to London, to the event itself. I found it beneficial to be able to stay the night before. They say the London Marathon is the best marathon in the world and I can only agree with that 100 percent!

Which charity? I was very lucky to receive a ballot place and as such was unable to raise anything for charity, however next year I’m hoping to run on behalf of a charity that has become very important to myself and my family which is Parkinsons UK.

To support Rachel’s cause, Cancer Research, please click here to donate online.