Iderama® is the new generation of filing from Exacompta. This nature-friendly range is made from vivid coloured pressboard, with a thin glossy film that doesn’t crack and is tear-resistant. As the products are also shiny and moisture resistant, this gives you the chance to maximise the sales opportunity with your customers!

On this exclusive marketing portal, you will find all the marketing, promotion and social tools you need to make Iderama® your customer’s favourite filing range.

Iderama is a range that combines the benefits of genuine glossy card – comfort and ecology. Made from coloured card in the mass, then covered in a thin plastic film, Iderama products are FSC Certified. Offering great value, they are suitable for students and professionals alike.

Complementing the glossy pressboard range, Iderama PP brings a breath of fresh air to the plastic filing market. Iderama PP is the first range to bring a semi-translucent PP with a high gloss finish.

Colourful desktop accessories designed to provide extra functionality whilst minimising clutter. Many of the items in this range are guaranteed by Exacompta warranties lasting between 5 to 25 years.

We have a complete programme of tools designed to enable your sales team to effectively sell the Iderama® range by Exacompta. Whether you communicate with your customers in print, online or social media, you will find everything you need below.

For more information about the Iderama® range, please contact your account manager.

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