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According to recent national statistics, the number of UK workers opting to work remotely at home has grown by almost a quarter of a million over the past decade.  Even if we discount current governmental guidelines, this is a trend that’s set to continue as more businesses discover the benefits that this flexible way of working offers in relation to increasing employee productivity and wellbeing.

With this in mind, it’s important for those remote workers to have an ergonomic, structured home office in order to maintain a high level of efficiency, whilst also being designed to suit the modern living environment.

At Exacompta, we produce a wide range of high quality, robust and colourful desktop accessories, including pen pots, drawer sets and letter trays.  Combined with our selection of filing and organisational products, we offer a solution to maximise your workspace, whether that be at home or the office.    

Exacompta Aquarel ExacomptaDeak Accessories and Filing Stationery

Each product is designed with purpose in mind, whether this be for office, home or education. Many of these, such as desk accessories, include a warranty of 5 to 25 years, showing the trust Exacompta holds in the quality and durability of its products, whether it be based from paper, card, metal or plastics.

Exacompta products are environmentally responsible, with many products being FSC®, PEFC® or Blue Angel® certified, proving to consumers they are responsibly sourced or made from recycled materials. Discover more about the essential items for your home office:

1928 by Exacompta collection featuring Climate Neutral stationer and filing products

Desk Accessories

We offer a wide choice of hard wearing, durable desk accessories, including various drawer sets, magazine files, pen pots, letter trays and waste bins. These are available in a wide selection of vibrant colours and styles to complement your individual home décor.

Our popular Climate Neutral and Forever ranges are made from 100% recycled plastic waste, making them ideal for those who are ecologically conscious. 

Filing & Organisation

Our comprehensive selection of Exacompta filing and organisational products incorporates a variety of useful and functional items, such as ring binders, lever arch files, dividers and indices, multipart files and expanding organisers.

The nature inspired Eterneco range, which includes various filing and desktop accessories made from wood residue or recycled cardboard, offers an ideal solution for those who are seeking products that form part of a circular economy.  Eterneco items are covered with a paper coated with vegetable oil, which provides excellent water resistance, whilst also ensuring durability and ease of recyclability.

The new Aquarel range also features a choice of high quality items available in a selection of five attractive, on-trend pastel colours to suit the modern office environment.

Exacompta Eterneco Kraft Nature-Inspired Filing Stationery
Exacompta ExaPlanner magnetic planning accessories and whiteboard wall calendar

Planners and Luggage

Managing your time and prioritising projects can be made easy by utilising one of our Exacompta magnetic wall planners.  These are available in a diverse choice of formats and come supplied with a wall mounting kit, dry erase marker and magnetic shapes to suit the planners’ format.

Exactive luggage products have been made with those who spend more of their time on the move in mind.  These high quality, durable and ergonomically designed products include various features across the range, including secure closure TSA combination locks, integrated USB charging ports padded interiors for extra protection.

Stay Safe with Clean'Safe®

The health of our families, friends and colleagues has become a key issue that covers all aspects of our everyday lives. Filing and organisation products are handled, touched and shared by many people on a daily basis. On standard surfaces, microbes such as bacteria and viruses stick to the surface and rapidly multiply, causing contamination with each contact. 

With this in mind, Exacompta® have teamed up with paper experts Clairefontaine® to develop the Clean’Safe® range of stationery products. The raw materials used in the manufacturing processes are treated with an organic antimicrobial additive, which gives extra protection against bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi.

The range is environmentally-friendly. Our range of Clean’Safe® filing is FSC®-Certified and   our Clean’Safe desk accessories include a 25-year warranty for extra piece of mind. 

Clean'Safe antimicrobial filing stationery in a medical environment