The Exacompta Clairefontaine group are proud to be the recipient of a coveted customer award, Product of the Year.

The ‘Venture Award‘ was awarded by VOW Europe to the Forever filing range by Exacompta, which is the first Blue Angel-certified range made from recycled plastic waste.

Garry Wright with the VOW Venture Award for ‘Product of the Year’

The desktop range includes drawers, letter trays, magazine files and pen pots, available in three colours; Cobalt Blue, Lime Green and Black. The filing range extends to include dividers, display books, ring binders and folders.

These products are made from post-consumer waste, reducing the amount that is sent to landfill. This includes plastic juice bottles and electrical appliances such as fridges.

Garry Wright, Head of Retail commented: “To win an award from VOW in such a competitive field is a real achievement. The Forever filing and desktop ranges are a sustainable solution to an ever growing issue, whilst fitting perfectly into any office environment.”

Managing Director Mark Daisley added: “The Forever range which uses post-consumer waste is just one result of our efforts continued mission to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. Exacompta continue to produce high-quality products made from recycled materials, whilst we as a subsidiary continue to be more efficient in renewable energy and recycling  at our site in the UK.”

For more information about our Forever recycled range, contact our sales team on +44 01553 696600, or fill in our contact form and one of our UK-based team will get in touch.