Discover our new Personal Protective Equipment range, made in Europe to protect your staff and customers.

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ExaScreen: The new Personal Protective Equipment range

Protection when you need it, now available from Exacompta and ExaClair

With the rapidly changing demands being placed upon the modern world, it is imperative for us to ensure we are delivering products our customers need, when they need them.

This is why our new range of Personal Protective Equipment has been developed, including screens, headware and signage.

Guidance from the British Retail Consortium recommends the implementation of physical flexiglass barriers to ‘provide a barrier for those working on tills’. Protective equipment from Exacompta has been specially developed to meet current requirements, with the goal of ensuring work environments are safe for staff, customers and visitors. 

The ExaScreen range alongside our extended range of signage products are made in Europe, meeting exacting quality specifications. Featuring products made with completely hermetic materials, our ExaScreens are designed to prevent the spread of viruses and microbes.

Five-year warranty included for extra peace of mind

on screens and counter sign holders

Developed and Made in Europe

exclusions apply*

Protective Screens

Standard Protective Screen

  • This freestanding Exascreen model is ideal for counters and cash register with a 15cm cut-out window. 
  • Easy to clean and sanitise, made from 4mm thick acrylic..
  • Double-sided adhesive tape is included for fixing, alternatively the pane can be counter fixed with screws (not included).
  • Dimensions: H95cm x L68cm (L76.5cm with sides)

Product Code: 80058D

Basic Protective Screen

  • Two freestanding ExaScreen models with integral support feet
  • Easy to clean and sanitise, made from 3mm thick acrylic.
  • 15cm x 30cm open window
  • Dimensions: Portrait: H95cm x L58cm x W18.5cm
  • Landscape: H58cm x L95cm x W18.5cm

Product code: 80458D Landscape, 80758D Portrait

Hanging Screen with Fixings

  • Suspended ExaScreen supplied with fixing kit (hook, stainless steel wire and hanger)
  • Easy to clean and sanitise, made from 4mm thick acrylic.
  • 15 cm open window as pass-through for money, card readers and small goods
  • Panel Dimensions: H100cm x W66cm

Product Code: 80158D

Basic Hanging Screen

  • ExaScreen includes pre-drilled holes for fixing. No fixing kit provided.
  • Easy to clean and sanitise, made from 4mm thick acrylic.
  • Panel Dimensions: H100cm x W66cm

Product code: 80258D

Desk Partition Screens

  • These clear desktop walls offer excellent protection within offices or educational establishments, including call centres and open-plan work areas.
  • Compatible with almost all bench offices – 58cm Screen height, various lengths
  • Delivered with a mounting kit: screws and 4 angle brackets in stainless steel included
  • Four ways to install:
    • Without fixation (removable screens)
    • Doubled sided tape (included)
    • Screwed on the desk (using included screws)
    • Screwed under the desk (using included screws)

Product Codes:  

  • Lateral – 81058D: H60cm x W78cm x D10cm
  • Frontal – 81158D: H60cm x W118cm x D10cm
  • Frontal – 81258D: H60cm x W138cm x D10cm
  • Frontal – 81358D: H60cm x W158cm x D10cm

Protective Headwear

Standard Protective Visors

High-quality face visor

  • Individual protective visors offer excellent protection for users when in contact with customers, colleagues and general public.
  • High quality PET visor with thick foam strip for maximum comfort
  • Includes protective film layer on the front of the visor
  • Product may differ from image shown. *Made in China.

Product Code: 80358D

Basic Protective Visors

  • Made using 350 micron material which provides a high degree of transparency.
  • These light and comfortable visors have an adjustable headband to fit from XS to XXL
  • Designed to prevent fogging and is easily disinfected with alcohol
  • Allows glasses to be worn easily underneath
  • Supplied with instruction manual for ease of use
  • CE certification in progress

Product Code: 808585D (Pack of 5) / 8085810D (Pack of 10)

Protective Mask

Excellent safety protection with this personal face mask.

  • Washable at 60°C and reusable 20 times.
  • Non-surgical for general public use. 
  • Anti-bacterial and water-resistant treated. 
  • ANSM Compliant Category 2 & OEKO-TEX environmental certification.
  • One standard size

Product Code: 80558D

Protective Signage

Acrylic All-in-One Floor Sign Holders

These floor sign holders with a modern, stylish look offer you the possibility to communicate on rules and social distancing guidelines within an office, store or other working areas

  • Rigid, shock resistant and UV resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Two possible angles of vision

Dimensions: H90cm x W21cm x D21cm

Product Code: 82058D

Floor Standing Sign Holders

These floor sign holders offer you the possibility to communicate on rules and social distancing guidelines within an office, store or other working areas

  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • High transparency 
  • Adjustable angle of vision 180° possible
Dimensions: H100cm, W/D 27-33cm
Product Code: 82143558D (A4 Size) 82243558D (A3 Size)

Counter Sign Holders

  • A selection of upright and tilting acrylic sign holders ideal for displaying information and measures in stores, reception areas, and work environments.
  • Tilting models can be used both in portrait and landscape on counters and desks.
  • Available in sizes A6, A5, A4 and 10x21cm.

Upright Product Codes: 83158D (10x21cm), 84158D (A4), 85158D (A5), 86158D (A6)

Tilting Product Codes: 83058D (10x21cm) 84058D (A4) 85058D (A5) 86058D (A6)

Magnetic Display Pockets

  • Our magnetic pouches can be used to display preventive measures related to the Covid-19 on workstations or premises.
  • They stick to any metal surface and protect easily insertable communication documents.
  • In A5, A4 or A3 format in a single colour frame version.
  • Poster documents not included.
Product Codes: Silver Border: 39100E (A5) 39200E (A4) 39300E (A3). Red (A4) 39200E, Blue (A4) 39203E
White/Red Border (A4) 39206E, White/Green Border (A4) 39207E, Yellow/Black Border (A4) 39209E

The ExaScreen range is designed to keep your customers safe, and business moving.
Order today or get in touch:

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