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Forever is the range of environmentally-friendly products produced by Exacompta and Clairefontaine. By choosing their products, you will adopt eco-responsible behaviour in your organisation. Forever products can also be combined with ECOBlack products by Exacompta, which share the same environmental ethos. Did you know…

  • Clairefontaine use water-based inks to print Forever range envelopes. The windows of these envelopes are made with 100% transparent paper.
  • Exacompta use recycled juice bottles (100% post consumer waste material) for Forever range desktop accessories. Forever Pen Pots are made from 3 bottles, letter trays from 5 and magazine files from 7!
  • Most Forever products are certified by The Blue Angel. You can find out more about this standard here.

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Forever Exacompta Card Range
Card Filing Range
ECOBlack Exacompta
Filing and Desktop Range
Forever Exacompta PP Filing and Desktop
PP Desktop and Filing
Forever Clairefontaine Notebooks, Correspondence and Envelopes
Notebooks & Correspondence