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The Pollen range by Clairefontaine was born on a beautiful summer’s day in 1997. It has  evolved over the years to respond to expectations of all types of end-users, both individuals and professionals. This success means that Clairefontaine now offers 44 on-trend colours, including bright, pastel and iridescent shades. Pollen is a popular range of correspondence cards, announcement cards, envelopes, place cards and boxes.

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Pollen Clairefontaine Plain Place Cards
Plain Place Cards
Pollen Clairefontaine Double Printed Cards
Printed Double Cards
Clairefontaine Printed Correspondence Cards
Printed Correspondence Sets
Grain de Pollen
Grain de Pollen
Pollen Single Cards
Single Cards
Clairefontaine Pollen Plain Colour Envelopes
Plain Envelopes
Clairefontaine Pollen Printed Paper
Printed Paper
Pollen Clairefontaine Double Cards
Double Cards
Pollen Clairefontaine Correspondence Sets
Correspondence Sets
Clairefontaine Pollen Printed Place Cards
Printed Place Cards
Clairefontaine Pollen Paper
Pollen Paper
Printed Single Cards
Printed Single Cards
Clairefontaine Pollen Printed Envelopes
Printed Envelopes

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